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Kelros’ Domino intranet solution, kelros.intranet has been designed to facilitate the quick and easy generation of web content, key company and employee information, as well as offering news announcement and polling functions. Our unique selling proposition? Content, menu structures, news and on-line polls are managed by end users without any involvement from IT.

The site can be structured (without programme coding) to categorise the web pages into logical areas for easy search and retrieval.

Menus, sub-menus and associated links are created via documents on the web browser or Notes client, and can target any content such as a web page, another Domino database or an existing corporate web based application.

kelros.intranet could also be used as the starting point for your internet or extranet solutions. Sold on an open design, unlimited users and servers in a single Notes Domain basis, this application is perfect for providing an information repository.

  • Overview
  • Features and Benefits
  • Online voting and polling
  • Group events calendar
  • Glossary
  • News and announcements
  • Menu structure
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
The system offers a simple to use process for adding content to the site, reducing the pressure on the IT team, which no longer has to be involved in uploading new data to the site. This provides a cost-effective way to improve corporate communications and significantly improves the speed at which information can be made available. It also eliminates the complexity of distributing information throughout an organisation with multiple locations.

kelros.intranet has a powerful and flexible in-built search engine for finding information across your intranet and beyond. Users can increase search criteria by indicating other databases that should be searched.

The application has been designed to provide a configurable structure that enables users to personally define the way they wish to view the site. This structure can be grown organically without any technical development – restructure or add to existing menus to create a hierarchy and well managed Intranet

Why use a shrink-wrapped solution in an IBM Domino environment?

If you have an existing IBM Notes / Domino environment, this out-of-the-box solution will provide a rich and fully functional intranet site in less than a day. If you don’t have IBM Notes / Domino, a Domino server can be installed, configured and the intranet site set-up in a similar time scale. Alternatively, the intranet could be hosted on an external Domino server and made securely available to your employees in a single day. Whichever option you select to deliver kelros.intranet, the return on investment is rapid and the solution quickly and easily usable.

Easy to use Empowers non-IT users to update and maintain online content, keeping it accurate, relevant and controlled

Reduced IT involvement Enables IT professionals to concentrate on their core roles.

Configurable menu structure Your intranet accurately reflects the way your organisation does business

Single database Makes it easy to populate content and review it before publication.

Easy to navigate and keep up to date Company-wide announcements can be posted in moments by simply typing text, adding graphics and images and links to other sites and setting an expiry date

Scalable               Open design within the Notes / Domino environment makes it an ideal information repository, which can integrate with other Kelros business tools

Security The secure framework of sign-off and approval ensures that only approved information is posted

Simple-to-use voting and polling  Gather and collate employee views and opinions quickly and easily

The voting and polling pages enable employees to submit their views and opinions quickly, easily and confidentially. These results can then be collated and presented in a graphical format for use in many ways – for example to shape future policies, identify the most popular or useful articles on the Intranet, or reward employee achievement.

Key features include:

  • Simple administration – add questions and multiple choice answers using the a administration page
  • Set a wide range of topics – you can set any topic – for example business related, colleague of the month or fun. This ensures that users return to the intranet on a regular basis as they have a wide range of topics to express their opinions upon
  • Easy to submit vote – users can select their chosen response with a single click of the mouse
  • View results instantly – once a user has submitted a vote, they can instantly see the results of the voting and continue to see results as new responses are added
  • Confidential voting – users can vote confidentially, ensuring their true opinions are expressed
  • Expiry dates – when creating a new poll, set an expiration date so the announcement will be automatically deleted on a given date

 The system enables central control of your online events calendar, allowing you to easily and effectively promote company events and bring employees together more easily.
The glossary is a published alphabetical list with a variety of potential uses, such as technical data sheets, product overviews or employee names.

Post important company-wide information on your intranet home page where your employees can’t miss it! Announcements keep everyone in your group up-to-date on the most critical information they need to do their job effectively. You can include simple text or add graphics, photos, colours and font changes to create on-line newsletters for your organisation. You can even mark a new announcement “urgent” to capture your colleagues’ attention. Announcements appear on the home page of your intranet site, so your employees are sure to see new information whenever they log in.

Key features include:

  • Easy creation – post a new announcement in moments by typing simple text
  • Images and links – add a photograph or graphic to your announcement and include links to web sites or other intranet material
  • Rich text editor – cut and paste documents and web graphics into the editor, and all the formatting and links will be preserved. Font sizes and colours, margin settings, tables and pictures will all appear correctly in your intranet site.
  • Expiry dates – when creating a new announcement, the system enables you to set an expiry date so the announcement will be automatically deleted on a given date

kelros.intranet has a fully configurable menu structure, which enables you to personally define the way you structure your intranet site.

Key features include:

  • Flexible structure – by department, other logic groups or sections
  • Structure can be grown organically without further technical development.
  • Restructure or add to existing menus to maintain a hierarchical and well-managed site with good usability
  • Ensure that information is up to date and filed correctly, by managing documents under your key departmental areas
  • Easy to navigate and keep up to date
  • Approval routing process ensures that any web page only appears live once approved by the designated person, safeguarding against errors and inaccuracies.

Within the unlimited server licensing model, kelros.intranet can be deployed as a single application or as multiple separate applications within your business:

  • Centralised intranet – take advantage of kelros.intranet to enhance communication and collaboration from a single point of access
  • Decentralised intranet – create separate departmental intranets as single, secure repository for all department-specific information
  • Extranet – extend your intranet into an extranet that allows authenticated access for customers and suppliers
  • Public internet – extend kelros.intranet to a public web site at no additional cost to allow anonymous access

There are 25 additional business process tools, which can be added to the core system at any time to add to the functionality of your intranet site. These include CRM, holiday booking, expense management and telephone directories.

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