Kelros Reception

  • Group diary: kelros.diary
  • Meeting Management: kelros.meeting
  • Telephone Directory: kelros.telephone
  • Visitor Management: kelros.visitor
  • Resource Reservations: kelros.reservation
Historically for both large and small organisations, Notes Calendars store key information on staff movements that are hidden away in personal calendars. Providing a clear overview of available personnel and resources is an awkward and time-consuming task.

kelros.diary is a Notes/Domino reporting application that has improved interrogation and reporting of Notes Calendars. All appointments, holidays, meeting rooms and other resources are categorised by date, by person and by group. Office & remote users have access to all the entries. Reports can be seen by day, by week and by month and organised by division, by team, by project or individually. A popular feature of kelros.diary is the ability to create personal groups. This allows project managers or team leaders to create views on the fly. The key features of the application are:

  • Quickly find free time for an individual, several individuals or a group name.
  • Simply add an entry in multiple people’s diaries from the Find Free time form.
  • Print peoples diaries, including/excluding certain entries as required.
  • Print multiple diary entries for a given time period together by simply entering a group name – equivalent to the weekly movement sheet produced by most organisations, but up to date, quickly reprinted and always in line with users own diary.
  • Replicates onto laptops to ensure that all staff movements are managed within a single database.
  • Adheres to standard Notes ACL and document level security.
  • Manages Calendars over multiple Domino Mail Servers.
  • Viewable through a web interface.
  • No limit on number of users per calendar and calendars can be implemented across servers
  • Requires no modifications of the standard mail template
  • Integrated with SMS servers (requires additional software) to deliver time critical messages

kelros.meeting is an easy to use meeting agenda and minutes tracking application. The key features of the application are:

  • Create an agenda
  • Check attendees for free time to attend the meeting
  • Electronically notify attendees of the meeting
  • Add the meeting directly into attendees diaries
  • Record meeting minutes against the agenda and create individual action points to allow personal tracking
  • Electronically notify those people responsible for completing action points

As the telephone directory component of Kelros’ Reception bundle, kelros.telephone simplifies personnel tracking by providing a complete address and telephone directory software solution through Notes and Domino, which spans your entire organisation. This searchable directory allows users to quickly touch any contact information they need: address, telephone, e-mail, fax and more all within this familiar Notes interface. This directory software also allows users to sort information as they need it, by manager, location, status, department and more. The key features of the application are:

  • Enter and maintain location and telephone number details (from a web client as well)
  • Retrieve details via a Notes client or a web Browser
  • Easily sortable views for quick retrieval

Outlines – the system has been designed to utilise simple-sto-use Outlines and re-sortable views. For more advanced users this allows for the generation of personal agents and views.

Replication – kelros.telephone replication can be restricted very easily based on the values in many of the data fields thus allowing remote and mobile workers to access telephone information relative to their location.

Multilingual versions available using IBM’s Global Workbench (GWB).

If you require a secure site and have multiple visitors or contract staff, you are aware of the difficulties in tracking and managing secure access. kelros.visitor provides the facility to store and recall all data pertaining to that visitor including their image and details. Completely integrated with Notes email and calendaring, with the optional web interface, this module is designed to automate the entire Guest pre-enrolment process. The core functionality of the solution includes:

  • Immediate and preprinted Guest passes.
  • Pre-registration of Guests and Groups using easy calendar controls.
  • Automatic Guest record recall to minimise data input on subsequent visits.
  • Barcode scanner integration allowing for automatic check-out of the Guest pass upon departure.
  • Open architecture allows complete customisation to customer’s unique requirements.
  • Integrated with SMS servers (requires additional software) to deliver time critical messages

This is an enhanced resource reservation booking application. The key features of the application are:

  • All the standard Notes resource booking template functionality.
  • Ability to include workflow notification to both catering and facilities management.
  • Ability to book catering requirements for the room booking.
  • Ability to request room layout and additional small resources.

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