Quality Management

One of the most important elements in implementing an organisation-wide quality management effort is the process for computerising your quality management-related data. This data can range from organisation resources and personnel training levels to corrective action tracking, organisation programme and product information, equipment tracking calibration schedules, procedure documents and process maps.

Setting up a comprehensive system can require a significant undertaking by skilled database programmers with either a great deal of employee input or detailed knowledge about organisation operations.

The alternative is to implement a commercially available software system and adapt it to your organisation’s operations.

kelros.quality is a fully functional quality documentation, audit plan and incident tracking application. The document control module allows you to distribute all company documents, from the organisation quality manual to procedures and process flowcharts, quickly and securely. Each document is given a unique reference number and title. Your organisation assigns the main and sub-authorisers to each document and then specifies how the document will be stored. Internal storage is the most powerful method of control. Once the document has been created, it is controlled internally from within the Kelros system, utilising workflow and email approval routing.

Key functionality includes:

  • Ability to create quality manual documents, covering sections / procedures / work instructions / controlled documents
  • Workflow approval process for document content
  • Full version control to allow for a single current version, a single under revision version and multiple archive versions. Automatic control of the version status
  • Security to prevent reader users viewing anything but the current version of the document
  • Ability to cross reference and doclink other quality manual documents
  • Easy to use views for fast document retrieval, including chapter and section titles
  • Ability to plan and track audit plans against the quality manual and / or customers / suppliers – full integration with kelros.sales and kelros.supplier.
  • Incident action plans can be logged and monitored against procedures, audit reviews, customers or suppliers
  • Automatic email notification of overdue audits and action plans

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