Kelros Procurement

  • Purchase requisitions: kelros.purchase
  • Supplier contact management: kelros.supplier
  • Stock management: kelros.stock
  • Asset registry: kelros.asset
  • Capital expenditure: kelros.capex

Purchase requisitions: kelros.purchase

kelros.purchase is a workflow application designed to generate and manage purchase requisitions and store goods received information.

Key functionality includes:

  • Purchase requisitions repository – the main workflow form of the system provides a store for all the purchase requisition and order information (including supplier, delivery dates, items, prices, internal information relating to justification, goods received, returns and purchase invoice information)
  • User definable fields – six user definable fields that can be set using the customiser database
  • Ability to request approval from nominated approver – used in a standalone mode, kelros.purchase has a single named approver that approves requisitions
  • Email notification of approval – used stand alone or in conjunction with kelros.approval the approver(s) and requester are notified of action required / taken via emails containing doclinks to the relevant forms
  • An approval workflow front application allowing the workflow approval route to be fully automated, defined at the form creation time or a mixture of both
  • Print / fax / email purchase orders to suppliers – the system is already configured to use Notes fax server or mail transfer agents to transmit electronic orders to the supplier. Alternatively they can be printed, with a company logo, and sent via traditional methods
  • Log receipts – part and full deliveries can be recorded and the system will track outstanding deliveries and outstanding delivered but not invoiced
  • Tracking of requisition status through all stages from initial requisition, through approval, to order placed, to received and completed. At any stage a form can be cancelled with full integrity
  • Look up within kelros.supplier, a fully integrated contact manager database, to retrieve supplier contact details
  • Look up within k.stock to access specific product information, cross-referenced with preferred and secondary suppliers. k.stock will also monitor stock levels and notify key users of reorder levels
  • ERP integration: kelros.purchase integrates easily with back-end systems such as SAP, JD Edwards using a variety of IBM middleware tools

Supplier contact management: kelros.supplier

kelros.supplier helps businesses to build profitable supplier relationships. The supplier module includes reporting for accurate contracts and audits and measurement of business activity and employee performance. Built using Notes / Domino technologies, kelros.supplier is easy to deploy, customise, and use, accessible from the Notes clients and web browsers, integrates with other business applications and scales as your business grows.

Key functionality includes:

  • Company repository – to hold all data regarding supplier and business partner organisations
  • Contact repository – to hold all data about contacts within these organisations
  • Contact management – a record of all communications and activities with each contact
  • Activity management fully integrated with calendaring and scheduling – including the ability to generate scheduled meeting activities for regular visits to business partners. Combined with the Notes calendaring and scheduling this provides maximum tracking and monitoring of vendor activity, as well as essential reminders to the purchasing department
  • Newsletter alerts of all outstanding activities – to ensure that no potential customer contact is missed
  • Correspondence – letter and fax generation with automatic addressing and formatting, combined with the ability to insert pre-formatted paragraphs and letters
  • Contract register / repository – a store for all contracts with vendors and partners, which can include a brief outline of the contract or a full scanned image of the final legal contract, providing quick and easy access to normally inaccessible information
  • Supplier and product audit forms providing the necessary workflow to manage approved and non-approved suppliers
  • Mailshots – the system enables you to select contacts by a variety of pre-set and ad hoc methods and then merge these with a pre-defined mailshot letter, to create rich format messages to send to a focused group of suppliers or business partners
  • ERP integration – kelros.supplier integrates easily with back-end systems such as SAP, JD Edwards using a variety of IBM middleware tools
  • Instant messaging (Sametime) integration – plug-ins enable the use of instant messaging to communicate on-line with colleagues and suppliers

Stock management: kelros.stock

kelros.stock is an easy to use stock control application.

Key functionality includes:

  • Stock item tracking – a repository of stock information including item numbers, supplier, re-order levels and quantities and issue/receipt history
  • Supplier and re-order details – views to specifically show, by supplier, items requiring re-order. An agent then places these item on an awaiting delivery view once ordered
  • Integration with kelros.supplier – the application can retrieve supplier information directly from kelros.supplier or information can be entered in stand-alone mode
  • Issues record – issues to employees can be recorded, including date and department
  • Stock receipts register – receipts of stock can be anticipated from the ordered not delivered view, which is automatically updated when the stock receipt is recorded and added to the movement transaction history
  • Establish re-order requirements – as issues are recorded, stock levels are monitored against the re-order level and if the trigger is passed, the status is changed so the stock item appears in the needs re-ordering view
  • Ad-hoc history clear down – there is an agent that allows the history of movement to be cleared down against individual or groups or all stock items as required, dependent on the organisation’s history requirements
  • ERP integration – kelros.stock integrates easily with back-end systems such as SAP, JD Edwards using a variety of IBM middleware tools
  • Optional barcode scanner integration, allowing for automatic check-out of stock items

Asset registry: kelros.asset

kelros.asset enables your organisation to effectively manage and track assets. It stores all of the usual equipment tracking data and allows you to schedule and track calibration events, specify the parameters that must be checked/calibrated on each occasion and perform gauge reliability and reproducibility studies, as well as manage maintenance budgets. You can also log the location of equipment, thus allowing you to keep track of movements. Define the values of your organisation equipment and kelros.asset will calculate the book value using standard depreciation methods.

kelros.asset allows you to view logged information such as:

  • Asset information – this application provides a repository for storing information about your organisation’s assets, including asset number, identification numbers and description/type of asset
  • Purchase details – purchase date, value and supplier
  • Disposal details – date disposed, who to and disposal value received
  • Maintenance details – maintenance supplier, type of maintenance and expiry date
  • Expiring maintenance contracts – with automatic email notification
  • Monthly and cumulative straight line depreciation (based on the number of months the asset is depreciated over)
  • ERP Integration – kelros.asset integrates easily with back-end systems such as SAP, JD Edwards using a variety of IBM middleware tools
  • Optional barcode scanner integration allowing for automatic check in/out of assets

Capital expenditure: kelros.capex

kelros.capex is an easy to use capital expenditure requisition and workflow tracking system.

Key functionality includes:

  • Raise capital expenditure requisitions
  • Enter details of the project, return on investment and justification
  • Log details of up to three quotes from vendors (integrates with kelros.supplier)
  • Log invoices and calculate the outstanding project balance
  • Views to allow tracking of the approval process and the project
  • A choice of where to initially log and approve the requisition. This can be performed within kelros.capex or with kelros.approval to coordinate approval feedback prior to recording in this application

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