Kelros HR

  • Personnel information: kelros.people
  • Expense claims: kelros.expense
  • Tax record view of mileage and expenses to assist tax returns
  • Group diary: kelros.diary
  • Holiday and absence tracking:
  • Telephone directory: kelros.telephone
kelros.people is a functionally rich human resources administration application for current employees and leavers. The application has been designed with security of confidential data in mind and with extensive on-line help. User access can, optionally, be restricted by employee grade, specific operating company / subsidiary or department and location.

Key functionality includes:

Person repository – to hold all data about candidates and employees, including name and address, personal details, next of kin, job history, skill profiling and training record, car allocation history and recruitment details

Candidate tracking – record and track the interview process from application to appointment / rejection and create mailshot rejection letters to all unsuccessful candidates

Security – the system already contains security to limit viewing and access to appraisals, pay details, contracts and mileage records to the form creator, the person named on the form and the manager

Appraisal and disciplinary records – records and tracks all appraisal, disciplinary and grievance interviews. This includes the ability to log and view training needs raised during the appraisal

Pay details – a record of the person’s pay and benefits with a full audit history of all pay changes and bonus payments. Additional information relates to salary type and payment frequency and supplementary benefits such as pension and healthcare

Holiday and absence history – record and monitor holiday and absence information. This can be performed either on a self contained basis within kelros.people or integrated with kelros.approval to approve absence requests prior to recording them in this application

Accident and incident reporting – HSE and accident reporting module to monitor and manage all aspects of accident data logging. The system can produce management summaries and HSE report F2508 from these records, with automatic email notification to the necessary management individuals / groups

Correspondence – letter generation with automatic addressing and formatting, combined with the ability to insert pre-formatted paragraphs and letters

Contract register / repository – a store for all contracts with employees, which can include a brief outline of the contract or a full scanned image of the final legal contract, providing quick and easy access to normally inaccessible information

General information repository – an area to store all other information about employees in a structured format designed by the end users with no IT intervention required

Mailshots – select contacts by a variety of pre-set and ad hoc methods and then merge these with a pre-defined mailshot letter to create rich format messages to send to a focused group of employees

Car fleet control – a sub-system to record information about company owned cars, including reminders for tax, insurance and MOT, purchase details, service and accident history. There is also a facility to record business and private mileage for each driver of the car in any tax year.

kelros.expense dramatically reduces the effort, time and cost of managing travel and entertainment expenses for improved employee productivity and operational efficiency. The application automates the entire expense logging and reporting process from report creation to approval and reimbursement. Employees can report expenses charged on a daily basis from any Notes client or web browser, in the office or in the field.

Key functionality includes:

  • Easy to enter expense claims – the expense form has many defaults that can be set by the organisation to reduce effort required to enter individual expense items
  • Default the most common entries using a personal profile
  • Categorisation – the system provides the ability to categorise all expenses so that overall expense expenditure can be monitored and tracked for the individuals and the organisation
  • Approval and payment agents – the systems contains agents that can be used directly from views to speed up the approval and recording of payment of expenses. It is also possible to approve / pay each expense item individually on the form. Your accounting team can either process them from views or open each one and process individually

Each submitted expense report comes with a log detailing the report’s progress, from creation, submission, approval / disapproval, processing and a record of modifications made to the document. This security feature ensures that expense reports are processed correctly.

Key functionality includes:

  • kelros.project integration – the system is integrated with kelros.project so that project-related expenses can be entered directly from time sheet entries and time sheets can be entered during expense recording. The system also provides tracking of expenses by customer and project, together with tracking of recharging these project expenses, if required
  • Reporting – to automate paper-based tasks to eliminate redundant efforts, shorten reimbursement cycles and reduce processing costs. This gives users and mangers proactive control over expense reporting based on your organisation’s specific business policies, workflow and corporate data
  • Mobile access – employees can create and manage expense reports whenever and wherever it’s convenient
  • Multiple currency support – for expense reports, greatly facilitating the accurate submission of expense and proper billing

For all sizes of organisations, Notes calendars store key information on staff movements that may currently be hidden away in personal calendars. Providing a clear overview of available personnel and resources is an awkward and time-consuming task, kelros.diary is a Notes / Domino reporting application that has improved interrogation and reporting of Notes Calendars. All appointments, holidays, meeting rooms and other resources are categorised by date, person and group. Office and remote users have access to all the entries. Reports can be seen by day, week and month and organised by division, team, project or individually.

A popular feature of kelros.diary is the ability to create personal groups. This allows project managers or team leaders to create their own individual views at any time.

Key functionality includes:

  • Ability to quickly find free time for an individual, several individuals or a group
  • Simple entry in multiple people’s diaries from the Find free time form
  • Ability to print group views, including / excluding individual entries as required
  • Multiple diary entries for a given time period can be printed together by simply entering a group name – equivalent to the weekly movement sheet produced by most organisations, but up to date, quickly reprinted and always in line with user’s own diary
  • Replication onto laptops to ensure all staff movements are managed within a single database
  • Adherence to standard Notes ACL and document level security
  • Management of calendars over multiple Domino mail servers
  • Viewable through a web interface
  • No limit on number of users per calendar and calendars can be implemented across servers
  • Requires no modifications of the standard mail template
  • Integration with SMS servers (requires additional software) to deliver time critical messages

Kelros’ holiday booking module enables your organisation to set up approval workflow, allocate annual leave allowances to staff and view staff leave calendars. The automated system allows staff to view their leave entitlement and forward leave requests to a manager for approval or rejection, using flexible workflow engines.

Leave is categorised as holiday, sickness, home working and lieu days. It can also be adapted to suit your organisation’s particular requirements, including leave types such as maternity / paternity, time off for dependants, compassionate leave and jury service.

Managers can view weekly or monthly calendars of approved employees’ absence to allow them to either accept or reject the leave request, based upon level of staff cover. This can improve project delivery as staff resources are managed more effectively.

Individuals can see a summary of leave taken, pending decisions by their managers and outstanding balances. Analysis is improved further by using’s team calendars rather than personal Notes calendars. The cost of printing forms or managing Excel spreadsheets is replaced by using electronic approval routing, such as IBM Forms.

Key functionality includes:

  • Fully flexible electronic approval workflow
  • Management of time off in lieu, home working, sickness and other absences
  • Holiday carry over
  • Full and half day requests
  • Centralised approval calendar
  • Automatically populates personal Notes calendar
  • Lost time and illness type reporting
  • Bradford reporting

kelros.telephone simplifies personnel tracking by providing a complete address and telephone directory software solution through Notes and Domino, which covers your entire organisation. This searchable directory allows users to quickly access any contact information they need: address, telephone, e-mail, fax and more, all within this familiar Notes interface. This directory software also allows users to sort information as they need it – for example, by manager, location, status or department.

Key functionality includes:

  • Ability to enter and maintain location and telephone number details (from a web client also)
  • Details retrievable via a Notes client or a web browser
  • Easily sortable views for quick retrieval
  • Outlines – the system has been designed to utilise simple-to-use Outlines and re-sortable views. For more advanced users this allows for the generation of personal agents and views
  • Replication – kelros.telephone replication can be restricted very easily based on the values in many of the data fields, allowing remote and mobile workers to access telephone information relative to their location.
  • Multilingual versions – available using IBM’s Global Workbench (GWB)

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