Kelros CRM Solutions

  • Sales force automation: kelros.sales
  • Sales and target tracking: kelros.sales order
  • Customer incident tracking and support:
  • Complaint and feedback workflow:
  • Telemarketing management and reporting: kelros.prospect
kelros.sales helps businesses to build profitable customer relationships. Integrated sales modules enable employees to share information to improve sales success and deliver consistent, efficient customer service. This module allows you to control all leads, names, addresses and other sales information your organisation requires from one location. Your sales team can create and track correspondence, record documents and conversations and make assignments to individuals with the user-friendly interface and navigation provided, simplifying contact management and easing the entire sales process.

The system also includes reports for accurate forecasting and measurement of business activity and employee performance. Built using Notes / Domino technology, kelros.sales is easy to deploy, customise, and use, accessible from the Notes client and / or a web browser, integrates with other business applications and scales as your business grows.

The software also acts as a central repository for all current marketing literature, ensuring that your sales force always has the most up-to-date materials and reference documents.

Key functionality includes:

  • Complete customer view – view and manage customer account activity and history, including contact information, communications, open quotes, credit limits and complaints
  • Lead routing and management – track information on prospective customers, then qualify and assign enquiries, with leads routed to individuals or teams
  • Opportunity management – easily convert qualified leads to opportunities without data re-entry and then track opportunities throughout the sales cycle
  • Sales process management – initiate, track and close sales consistently and efficiently with workflow rules that automate stages in the selling process
  • Order management – use the Kelros order logging module to order, create and convert quotes to orders, then modify and save orders until they are ready to be submitted
  • Reporting – view, sort and filter a wide range of reports to identify trends, measure and forecast sales activity, track sales processes and evaluate business performance
  • Competitor tracking – maintain detailed information on competitors and associate that information with opportunities and sales literature
  • Contract register/repository – store all contracts for customers, including an outline of the contract or a full scanned image of the final legal contract
  • Marketing lead source analysis – track and analyse the source of every individual sales lead and new customer to ensure that marketing spend is correctly and effectively positioned
  • Correspondence and mail merge – use customisable contents to create and send correspondence to targeted prospects and customers
  • Instant Messaging (Sametime) Integration – plug-ins allow the use of Instant Messaging to communicate on-line with colleagues and customers
  • ERP Integration – Kelros CRM integrates easily with back-end systems such as SAP, JD Edwards using a variety of IBM middleware tools

kelros.sales order is a sales administration and target tracking application, able to generate invoices and credits automatically.

Key functionality includes:

  • Full integration with kelros.sales – sales can be logged from kelros.sales against the contact profile or sales leads can be automatically converted to a sale
  • Standalone system – alternatively, kelros.sales order can be used in a stand-alone environment and sales entered directly into the system
  • Sales log – this is the main repository for sales records and includes information about the customer company and contact, the item(s) ordered, the sell and buy price (calculating gross margin), the supplier if it is a resale item, authorisation and invoicing details
  • User definable fields – six user definable fields that can be set using the customiser database
  • Sales categorisation and reporting – categorise all sales at two levels and analyse in terms of periods and categories and as a percentage of turnover
  • Recording and monitoring order level gross margin – gross margin can be analysed at the line item level and gross margin contribution assessed against the categories.
  • Automatic invoice generation – by selecting any line item for a complete order (via the sales reference number generated in the system) the system will automatically generate a complete invoice. An agent can be used to record the invoicing status
  • Setting sales and revenue targets – targets by period can be set for sales people and / or service providers and progress against target can be monitored and tracked
  • Tracking sales by salesman, by period and by customer – the system has a number of pre-defined views that allow quick and easy retrieval of sales information, as well as providing management information and analysis. provides a set of tools to automate the query and call management activities of an organisation. It tracks the path from call report to call resolution by leveraging the workflow, replication and mailing capabilities of Notes and Domino. improves the quality of your customer service and support by recording incoming enquiries then processing and, where necessary, escalating the response. Your helpdesk staff can store all the information they collect over time in a full-text search knowledge database, allowing you to deal with identical or similar problems more quickly and to spot and escalate long-term problems. You can answer customer enquiries from anywhere at anytime as enquiries from specific groups or individual customers can reach you via an intranet or the internet.

Key functionality includes:

  • Fault log repository – record all the information about the support call with look-ups to users, resources and service level agreement time frames.
  • Ability for end users to create and track requests through a web browser.
  • Completion date / time tracking – based on your company’s holiday and working hours profile, the completion date is calculated in working hours from the time the call is logged, based on the severity level chosen for the request.
  • All activity relating to the request can be logged and stored and is tracked against the completion due date and time.
  • Ability to escalate problems – requests can be escalated and email notification sent to the person the request has been escalated to.
  • User register – record information about all the users able to call the support desk for easy and quick retrieval against the request. This information can be retrieved directly from kelros.sales if the support desk supports external customers.
  • Resource register – an asset register of equipment that is supported by the helpdesk and can be used to record equipment that is linked together physically as well as being allocated to users.
  • Knowledge base repository – a store for technical notes and tips to assist the support desk operators in resolving common problems more quickly. It is possible to create direct doclinks to calls to save time in compiling these technical documents. Several different views allow easy retrieval of information which, combined with full text searching, provides a powerful way to locate technical information.
  • Repository of statistical and historical information – provides historical and statistical information for analysis and pre-empting errors. Based on the information, advanced reports can be generated and defects at any level can be identified and corrected. The report also allows managers to monitor the performance of helpdesk operations and offers an insight into the user’s needs and expectations.
  • Integration with SMS servers to deliver time critical messages. is a fully functional customer feedback and complaint tracking and management application. Key functionality includes:

  • A log for complaints, returns, recalls and praises.
  • A workflow profile document for each type of form, allowing the workflow approval route to be fully automated, defined at the form creation time or a mixture of both.
  • Alerts via email for staff – even if they are not part of the approval workflow.
  • Contact management – a record of all communications and activities with each contact to track sales progress.
  • Ability to track progress of corrective action – all information regarding contact with the person raising the feedback is recorded for monitoring, plus all financial implications (credits) can be recorded.
  • Overall close out – after approval and all corrective action, users can close the feedback ready for statistical analysis.

kelros.prospect manages all aspects of telemarketing and telesales contact management and statistical analysis. Kelros offers call centre software for both inbound telemarketing and outbound call centre software applications, designed to increase campaign management efficiency and productivity. A robust user interface enables call centre staff to focus on their primary task – communication, while campaign managers are able to properly manage the call centre..

Key functionality includes:

  • Customer/contact repository – record standard name and address information together with contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Lead Details – the system also allows for recording the source of the lead, especially useful when analysing leads in kelros.sales that have been generated in kelros.prospect.
  • Call assignment/priority and activity tracking – record all contacts with a prospect and produce a history of contact reports. Every call can be prioritised to ensure the hottest leads are given the most attention.
  • Activity views – view all activities in calendar formats, priority sequence, by telemarketer or by date, with email notification of overdue activities in newsletter format.
  • Correspondence – generate letters and faxes, pre-formatted with name and address. Use the standard paragraph facility to insert paragraphs or whole letters to ensure the correct marketing message reaches your prospects.
  • Statistics – kelros.prospect statistics records every contact update and allows analysis and telemarketer activity monitoring.
  • Mailshots – select contacts by a variety of methods and then merge these with a pre-defined mailshot letter to create rich format marketing messages for a focused group of prospects.
  • Computer Telephony Software (CTI) integration.

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