Introducing DOMINO 10


So what’s new for Domino users in V10?

iPad – Notes Client on IPad to deploy existing Domino Applications

Email – Improvements include the ability to schedule an email for delayed sending and will notify you of problems in an email before it is sent

Calendar – Improvements include the ability to forward meeting invitations to others and team calendars

Database – Improvements include automatic update of full text index

Sametime – Improvements include support for multi-device with simultaneous log in. Chats will follow you across multiple log ins

What do our developers think?

Notes looks Slimmer, faster and better looking

Better Microsoft integration for mail and productivity applications

Better core performance and functionality

You can mark several emails and send them as attachments in a new email

Import/Export support for Microsoft Excel

Improved copy/paste for editor in Domino Designer

A connector for Node.js giving the ability to build Domino apps in JavaScript on Node

LotusScript extensions to enable easier web app development Dashboard

Features that pleased our Domino Administrators

Incoming the New Statistics Dashboard

This shows the performance of clients Domino Servers, meaning  we at Kelros can monitor our customers servers and provide even better support.

Spot the problems quicker and faster so they can be immediately addressed, keeping your business running efficiently.

We can build this new feature into your support contract.

For more information on the Statistics Dashboard click on the link to read our blog.

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Kelros is one of the first business partner organisations to be awarded as being “Domino 10 Ready’ as such are proud to be one of 14 Partners in the UK to be awarded this accreditation.

This credential recognises that we at Kelros are commitment to being Domino 10 ready & have shown a detailed understanding of Domino 10 and the #domino2025 roadmap.