IBM Softlayer

IBM Softlayer is a powerful and reliable infrastructure software which supports and underpins cloud platforms such as IBM Bluemix. It provides a wide range of cloud computing options which are then integrated and automated.

By using IBM Softlayer for your cloud infrastructure services, your business can benefit from the following:

• One platform to serve data centres worldwide
• The highest performing cloud infrastructure available
• Three classes of storage – object, block and file
• Workloads in the cloud
• Estimated monthly charge

In real terms this means a great deal to your organisation and its bottom line:

• Visibility of charges facilitates financial planning and budgeting
• High performance equals reassurance that your cloud platforms will be well supported and the software is reliable
• IBM Softlayer supports the IBM Bluemix cloud platform which delivers flexibility and functionality to your developers

Why Kelros for IBM Softlayer?

Kelros work with around 120 clients of varying sizes operating in a range of industry sectors. What our clients particularly find reassuring is that our technical consultants are IBM-certified and have a wide experience of IBM software knowledge many going back as far as original versions. We have particular expertise in cloud based infrastructures and are keen for our clients to reap the benefits of using this format of software.

For more information on IBM Softlayer and how it can benefit your business and integrate into your systems you can Contact us or Request a Demo.