HCL Nomad – Your Domino Apps, Everywhere.

Teams Webinar on Monday 26th July 10:00am to 11:00am

When: Monday 26th July 2021
Where:Microsoft Teams Webinar

Date(s) - Monday 26th July 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Microsoft Teams Webinar


HCL Domino powers the apps that run your business. With HCL Nomad, you can unleash the power of those apps on desktop, mobile devices, and now – on a browser. Provide users with greater flexibility by unlocking your workforce from the Notes client and enabling them to access their apps wherever they like.

Your business is assured of the same level of security and governance with no code changes.

You will discover the features and benefits of HCL Nomad, including:

  • Optimised mobile development: Improvements in Domino Designer v12 make it faster for developers to enhance existing apps or build new mobile apps.
  • Build responsive applications to tailor the user experience based on the device for both the device and the screen size.
  • Easily leverage device-specific capabilities and functionality, such as accessing the camera, files, location information, mobile native gestures, and more.
  • Improved security: Nomad mobile now supports biometric authentication for iOS devices and Android (face or touch ID).
  • Encrypted offline access: Domino applications can be directly accessed online or can be securely replicated to your mobile device for offline access when you
  • are disconnected.
  • Seamless configuration: We partner with panagenda to embed MarvelClient for easy configuration of your Nomad client for all of your users, at no additional cost.


Bookings are closed for this event.

Join the Kelros team for our live event at 10am on 26th July 2021 to learn more about HCL Nomad.

Please join us for this webinar to learn about HCL Nomad, and how it can provide secure online and offline access to existing Domino apps. The webinar will be presented by the Kelros team.